Discover Bumthang: Things to do in and around the region

Village walk
Guests can delight in a walk through the forest of whispering blue pines, enlivened by the murmur of spring-fed brooks wandering through their rock-strewn beds, and the chatter of myriad birds. Visit a nearby village and experience a typical Bhutanese farm and village houses, getting a close look at the art of rural living.

Bird Watching
The vegetation and forest cover around the Chumey Nature Resort is a sanctuary to a large number of bird species. For those guests interested in bird watching, take a moment to discover and learn about different species. In the autumn months, the migrating Black-Necked Cranes migrate from Siberia and come to winter here, where they may be viewed from one's room.

Cultural and Photographic Tours
There are a good number of monasteries and historical places that are within walking distance of the Chumey Nature Resort. Your photographic tour begins as soon as you step out of your room, as the valley offers panoramic views that unfold before you.

Mountain Biking
Chumey Nature Resort will offers mountain bikes for rent for scenic trails, backroad escapes, or hard hill climbs. Enjoy exploring the valley at your own leisurely pace.

Teaching on Buddhism
By advance request/appointment.

Points of Interest

Oldest Tree in Bhutan
A 714-year old hemlock (Tsuga dumosa) which is located near the resort is recognized as the oldest tree by international tree experts from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, a leading research institution at Columbia University, USA.

Tharpaling Goemba
Kuenkhen Longchen Rabjam founded this cliff top monastery in the 14th century. It has several temples and houses about 100 monks.

Chudrag Goemba
Near Tharpaling, at 3800m (12,467 ft) in elevation, lies the Chudrag monastery, which consists of several ancient chapels. One of these chapels, Lorepa Lhakhang, holds a stone footprint of Guru Rinpoche and the stone skull of a khandroma, or female celestial being.

Buli Lhakhang
On a hill just 10 minutes from Geytsa is Buli Lhakhang, built by Terton Dorji Lingpa, depicted in a mural in the upper chapel. Above the stairs is a carving of the local protective deity.

Domkhar Trashi Chholing Dzong
Follow the road along the Geytsa Chhu river to the summer palace of Bhutan's second King.

Prakha Monastery
East of Zugney, the three-story Prakha Goemba is visible on the opposite side of the river. The colorful Prakha tsechu, or festival, is held in autumn in the courtyard.

Nimalung Goemba
A 20-minute walk uphill from Prakha leads to this monastery and monastic school. The ground-floor chapel houses a statue of Drolma, or Tara, inside a sacred amulet.

Samteling Goempa
Situated on a hill in the middle of upper Chumey Valley and in front of Tharpaling Goempa, Samteling is home to the descendants of Longchen Rabjam (1308 - 1363), greatest all-knowing master of the Nyingma school of Buddhism. Longchen Rabjam settled here when he first arrived in Bhutan in the 14th century.

The village of Zungney is known for its distinctive weaving tradition. The specialty here is yathra, strips of woolen cloth woven with geometric patterns unique to Bumthang. These strips are sewn together make coats, blankets and bed covers.

Water-driven prayer wheel, Tang Valley, Bumthang, Bhutan

Water-driven prayer wheel

Membartsho, the Holy Lake of Fire, Bumthang, Bhutan


Scenic view of Tang Valley, Bumthang, Bhutan

Tang Valley


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